If you already sell packaged pumping solutions why not add the Hades Sump Monitor to your offering or integrate in into your existing products??

Become a Distributor

The Hades sump monitor is offered as a stand-alone device for sale by distributors already selling into the packaged pumping sector. The device, packaging and backend software and can all be labelled with third party logos and contact information if required.


Integrating our hardware into your current packaged solutions is simple and free. We will give you all the necessary technical advice to offer the system as your own -free of charge. Just ask and we will send you the components list and software for you to integrate.

About Us

CWSEC Ltd owns the IP to the Hades Sump Monitor (HSM). It is a UK based company and offers 3rd party use of its HSM software on a free license basis. End users of the devices must pay an annual service subscription for the device and alerts to work.

Other Products

  • GSM/3G/ 4G connected alarms
  • - Battery back-up systems
  • - Combined alarm and pump control systems.

For further information please contact CWSEC Ltd, Unit 3D, Westbridge Ind Est, Duns Lane, Leicester LE3 5LX or your local representative